Week Two

This week I have learned about Databases, Spreadsheets, Wikis, Photopachs, Animatos to enhance my daily instruction and planning. Databases and spreadsheets are essential for the school setting for planning and organization of important related data and information. Higher-level thinking skills require students to analyze and synthesize. Therefore, spreadsheets can be valuable tools for organizing data and creating graphical images to make the data easier to understand.

I am little embarrassed to say that I have realized this week how little I know about the world of technology, but I believe that I am on a journey to change that. I am all about learning new thing, but then again isn’t life just that.

The video “Harness Your Student’s’ Digital Smarts” shows what technology can do if used effectively, and how can be implemented in our classrooms. I love Mrs. Davis’ enthusiasm; it is extremely inspirational, self-driven and motivational. I love her philosophy that every child can learn; my philosophy is quite similar; I believe that every child is capable of learning, if provided the right tools. I hope to gain this kind of passion about the technology by the time I start to teach.

This week was very overwhelming for me. The more I got to learn about the technology and visit all these websites, the more I got confused. There is enormous load of information to be used and incorporated into the classroom, but there is no time. Time is very valuable in classroom, teachers have to be ready to shift the gear between the activates in snap and if not, teachers end up taking work home to complete. Teachers do not have a great deal of spare time at school to get certain things done so they may need to work at home more frequently. Students may need to take laptops home in order to get their assignments done if they do not have access to a computer at their own homes. Organization, right resources including technology and planning is the essential key to teaching.

The purpose of the technology is to incorporate technology tools into the classroom, to increase the learning and interests of students. Many of the teacher at the school where I work do not use technology; they can get by without it and teach their lesson, they do not know how to use it, and most of all the teachers backed down from it because it just too much. As a future educator I will use technology in my classroom, but it has to have its limitations.

My goal in this class is to make my myself knowledgeable and pass the knowledge to my students. We are living in the digital age, and it doesn’t matter how much we like or hate technology, we have to try and adapt to it, or our students will miss out on it.





One thought on “Week Two

  1. This was a thoughtful and insightful reflection on the week’s work. I agree that this week we had so much to investigate regarding (new) technology, that I felt ‘brain overload’ happening. I too have witnessed otherwise good teachers not willing to come into the 21st century and incorporate technology into their teaching methods. That is one reason I find your closing comment of “it doesn’t matter how much we like or hate technology, we have to try and adapt to it, or our students will miss out on it.” so valuable.

    Classmate, Toni W

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