Week Six

New technologies and technology applications are introduced into classrooms on daily basis with the 21st technology world. Web Quests, however, are a technology application that have been used in classrooms around the world for years. This week learning about the webquest more deeply made me realize the importance using a webquests in the classroom, but on the contrary I am scared how effectively to use them to enhance students learning. As educators we have to make sure that we are applying the content that needs to be thought effectively and that webquest indeed enhance our student’s learning.
WebQuests are an Internet-based technology application in which groups of students follow a specific set of steps toward the completion of a final project on a specific subject according to Dodge, 1997.

This week has been very interesting one. I have learned about how to create a webquests. I do feel little bit better about using and utilizing the content more clearly for my students when creating webquest. I really did enjoy this week assignments.  Webquest is a great tool for collaboration, self-thinkers, motivation, to build problem solving and decision making skills.

I decided to create my webquest about traveling and learning about other countries. Countries that I have chosen are where my students come from. Little do these students know about their own country, most of then were born here, so I decided to create a webquest were I assigned partners and they travel to each other country. I provided list of questions that I wanted them to concentrate on and keep their notes neatly organized.  They are to create a poster for their final step, and present it on the International Night at our school for parents and staff. I thought that this would be great way for the students to learn about each other and learn what they had to leave and start all over in some strange country. Creating webquest is not hard once you learn how to do it, and that took me a while. I found my self more than once where I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, it really took some time to finally get it, and still I don’t think that I done great job. Here is the link for my web-quest:

http://questgarden.com/151/93/2/121124220304/, enjoy.

All of the technology tools so far are very time consuming, I have been trying to tell my self otherwise, but even with this week being very short, I found that it was difficult to complete all assignments on time. In general, I truly believe that schools are lacking proper training and tools on how to effectively use and integrate technology into the curriculum. As the schools move forward , every professional in the district must engage with other administrators and teachers in ongoing exploration of this 21st technology world for the better of our students and their learning.


Week Five

Overall, this week has been interesting and productive. I have learned communication tools available for teachers to use in a classroom including visual literacy, techsmith.com, Glogster.com, Math Dictionary for Kids, Edmodo.com, Prezi.com, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Spicynodes.org.  These are great tools to have in the classroom and to implement in the instruction to enhance student’s learning. Integrating technology tools into instruction can help to reduce curriculum barriers and improve learning for all students. Teachers are struggling every day to find new approaches to improve students learning, but I see less and less of the twenty first century technology tools being used in the classroom today. There are numerous types of tools that can effectively enhance students learning.

This week I have learned about Visual Literacy in a way that I have never been thought before. Very interesting and advanced way of teach the communication and critical skills. I simply love it.


This technology tool is more familiar to people as “You Tube” than anything else. My seven year old even refers to you tube when he wants to listen to the song from Justin Bibber or watch funny video. I never knew that there existed You Tube specifically for education. This alone shows how little I knew about technology, but thanks God I took this course. There is a video to support any lesson or subject thought. I found great videos about Thanksgiving that I used in my classroom to teach my students how it became national holiday, they loved it, that next day they were asking if we were going to watch some more. Videos inspire students and keep them interested. This is great way for student to stay focused on the task and fun way to learn. The title of the video is “History of Thanksgiving Day” check it out, it great. I didn’t know what to do with my students for two days before we left for thanksgiving break, and I thought of this web site. After they watched this video, I had them write in journals what are they thankful for, and we made turkeys for hands-on activity and illustrated a picture to go with their writing, thanks http://www.youtube.com/education?b=400   this is ideal for classroom purposes.

Videos offer a means to contextualize curriculum content and instruction across the curriculum. For example, video can be used to anchor mathematics instruction to an authentic context. That is, video can be used to present to students a real-world context within which mathematical problem-solving can then be found. Video based instruction can similarly be applied to contextualize instruction in other content areas. These approaches are valuable in helping to engage and motivate students, in providing students with alternatives to content, and in supporting differences in related knowledge. As I said before, videos are great tools to zest and spice up instruction in any subject area.

Check out the following web sites on interesting topics and ideas for education.


This web site got my attention because, I believe there are so many issues about self-esteem, obesity, and self-images, which needs to be addressed and are driving, are teens to lose control as they strive to be something they are not. People really need to love themselves for who they are and what they are, because God created us all as one, EQUAL, to be treated with humanity and respect that we are expecting in return.


Another one of my favorites this week is Bloom’s Taxonomy. In Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, verbs are used rather than nouns to express the concept. The revised taxonomy begins with the word remembering before moving to understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating. I think that Bloom’s Taxonomy is great guide for teachers to follow in their classroom; however I realize that “Flipped Bloom’s Taxonomy” would be more effective in the classroom. I say this because, the first level of taxonomy is remembering followed by understanding, and I think that these two would work much better if they are flipped, I can’t remember something unless I completely understand it. Therefore, I found a chart of flipped Bloom’s Taxonomy, and how effectively can be applied in the classroom. I believe that flipped taxonomy would be more effective because teacher would have more time to spend applying and understanding the content rather than reviewing and delivering it. Take a look at the chart and check out the web site above, and you can see what I mean.

Week Four

 It is obvious that in today’s classrooms’ a clear disconnect between the students that are accustomed to using technology in the classroom and the students who are not exposed to it. They predominantly use technology only within the classroom. Students could be spending abundant amounts of their free time socializing, shopping, and even studying on the Internet, if they had the accesses to the technology. Students would learn to manipulate with these tools more effectively and be engaged in their own leaning process. That’s why I think this week explorations and learning really exposed us to the world of sound, images and videos more willingly, that would make our classroom come to life, and create more exciting environment. I will definitely use every chance to implement technology and use within my instruction, so that my students don’t get behind in technology world.  

This week I have learned some amazing things about different technology tools including the TED videos, PowerPoint, and Technology Exoploroatins. TED videos are great tool to be used in the classroom. I never had a chance to look it these before I think that these are awesome.  

The presentation that I have created and presented to my third grade group was on the story “Tops and Bottoms”. My students get very excited about a new story for the week, and they get interactive and engaged in the presentation when we go through the vocabulary words. This is because they get to say each word as it appears on the screen and choose the right one to complete the fill in the blank sentence following the word. I am proud of the whole presentation because they respond positively and stay on the task throughout the presentation.

This week explorations were fun and exciting. My favorite is Xtranormal because it turns any writing into a movie or a video. I believe that my students would enjoy using this tool; they would act as movie producers, and then later share it with friends and family. I love to use technology in my instruction, but I am limited due to the space, tools needed, supplies and time. In my facility, I have formed a small classroom in the back of the library, but I do not have a computer at my desk. However I do have access to laptops for students and computer lab when not in use. Regardless of all the obstacles I try my best to use what I have and with the tools that I have. There is nothing that will stop me from finding new methods and strategies to effectively manage the instruction in my classroom that will enhance the students learning, because I am teacher at heart.


Week Three

This week I have learned about the DTP including Microsoft Word Processing, and I have found that Word Processing is number one program used all over the world.  It not unanticipated, I found it that it is multitasking program for almost any project or assignment.

I have learned great deal about Bloom’s Taxonomy that I will create a chart of Bloom’s taxonomy levels of thinking and put it on the wall in my classroom starting this Monday.  We all want to improve our student’s higher level of thinking; Bloom’s Taxonomy is the way to go.

Exploring the Technology Explorations I have learned about different kinds of tools that can be implemented in the instruction, that are fun and easy tools to enhance learning and teaching in the classroom.

DTP is new for me. I never used it before. It sounds fun tool to t. It would have made my life much easier, but it’s never too late. I will take advantage of it now and use it to make my instruction more significant, effective, creative, and fun.  I collaborate with third grade teacher, and she is awesome and very inspirational. Her weekly letter that I contributed little bit to it is creation of her class. The letter is composed of highlights of current and the following week, reminders, tip and ideas for parents to help children reinforce what they have learned, and what they will be learning.  The letter contains few pictures, and bold and big font letters for the title. If I was to change anything, I would make it look more appealing and stress more importance and significance of it. As a parent I get these all the time and to be honest I do not read every one of them. I read first one, and then if I see something appealing or different then I might read it. Knowing this, as a parent and teacher, I will create something different every week, to make it look more significant and more fun to read. Maybe different color paper, bigger font, or even put it in bold and putting some color overall. Teachers need to place more emphasis and significance on the weekly letters by encouraging parents to read them whenever they get the chance. This will keep parents more involved in student’s learning and what is going on in their school.

Weekly Letter for Week Three

Exploring the technologies I have learned about so many devices and tools that can be implemented into the instruction including Webquests, ReadTheWords, Zoho, and PowerTalk.

I have to say PowerTalk is my favorite. It can be used effectively by teachers and students. Students would be more engaged and aware of their learning. It reminds me of Class DOJO, the Behavior Management Software tool that helps keep the students alert and on the task.

All these tools that I have learned this week will help to keep my students engaged in intellectually challenging and real-world learning experiences.  As an educator I have consistently tried to raise my performance levels and meet the expectations of school administrators and my colleagues, and I hope to pass that on to my students.  I will strive even more to successes in order meet the needs of my students, because teachers have the power to open student’s minds to new experiences. With the help of the new and improved technology tools students are empowered to take responsibility of their own learning when used wisely.