Week Three

This week I have learned about the DTP including Microsoft Word Processing, and I have found that Word Processing is number one program used all over the world.  It not unanticipated, I found it that it is multitasking program for almost any project or assignment.

I have learned great deal about Bloom’s Taxonomy that I will create a chart of Bloom’s taxonomy levels of thinking and put it on the wall in my classroom starting this Monday.  We all want to improve our student’s higher level of thinking; Bloom’s Taxonomy is the way to go.

Exploring the Technology Explorations I have learned about different kinds of tools that can be implemented in the instruction, that are fun and easy tools to enhance learning and teaching in the classroom.

DTP is new for me. I never used it before. It sounds fun tool to t. It would have made my life much easier, but it’s never too late. I will take advantage of it now and use it to make my instruction more significant, effective, creative, and fun.  I collaborate with third grade teacher, and she is awesome and very inspirational. Her weekly letter that I contributed little bit to it is creation of her class. The letter is composed of highlights of current and the following week, reminders, tip and ideas for parents to help children reinforce what they have learned, and what they will be learning.  The letter contains few pictures, and bold and big font letters for the title. If I was to change anything, I would make it look more appealing and stress more importance and significance of it. As a parent I get these all the time and to be honest I do not read every one of them. I read first one, and then if I see something appealing or different then I might read it. Knowing this, as a parent and teacher, I will create something different every week, to make it look more significant and more fun to read. Maybe different color paper, bigger font, or even put it in bold and putting some color overall. Teachers need to place more emphasis and significance on the weekly letters by encouraging parents to read them whenever they get the chance. This will keep parents more involved in student’s learning and what is going on in their school.

Weekly Letter for Week Three

Exploring the technologies I have learned about so many devices and tools that can be implemented into the instruction including Webquests, ReadTheWords, Zoho, and PowerTalk.

I have to say PowerTalk is my favorite. It can be used effectively by teachers and students. Students would be more engaged and aware of their learning. It reminds me of Class DOJO, the Behavior Management Software tool that helps keep the students alert and on the task.

All these tools that I have learned this week will help to keep my students engaged in intellectually challenging and real-world learning experiences.  As an educator I have consistently tried to raise my performance levels and meet the expectations of school administrators and my colleagues, and I hope to pass that on to my students.  I will strive even more to successes in order meet the needs of my students, because teachers have the power to open student’s minds to new experiences. With the help of the new and improved technology tools students are empowered to take responsibility of their own learning when used wisely.


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