Week Five

Overall, this week has been interesting and productive. I have learned communication tools available for teachers to use in a classroom including visual literacy, techsmith.com, Glogster.com, Math Dictionary for Kids, Edmodo.com, Prezi.com, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Spicynodes.org.  These are great tools to have in the classroom and to implement in the instruction to enhance student’s learning. Integrating technology tools into instruction can help to reduce curriculum barriers and improve learning for all students. Teachers are struggling every day to find new approaches to improve students learning, but I see less and less of the twenty first century technology tools being used in the classroom today. There are numerous types of tools that can effectively enhance students learning.

This week I have learned about Visual Literacy in a way that I have never been thought before. Very interesting and advanced way of teach the communication and critical skills. I simply love it.


This technology tool is more familiar to people as “You Tube” than anything else. My seven year old even refers to you tube when he wants to listen to the song from Justin Bibber or watch funny video. I never knew that there existed You Tube specifically for education. This alone shows how little I knew about technology, but thanks God I took this course. There is a video to support any lesson or subject thought. I found great videos about Thanksgiving that I used in my classroom to teach my students how it became national holiday, they loved it, that next day they were asking if we were going to watch some more. Videos inspire students and keep them interested. This is great way for student to stay focused on the task and fun way to learn. The title of the video is “History of Thanksgiving Day” check it out, it great. I didn’t know what to do with my students for two days before we left for thanksgiving break, and I thought of this web site. After they watched this video, I had them write in journals what are they thankful for, and we made turkeys for hands-on activity and illustrated a picture to go with their writing, thanks http://www.youtube.com/education?b=400   this is ideal for classroom purposes.

Videos offer a means to contextualize curriculum content and instruction across the curriculum. For example, video can be used to anchor mathematics instruction to an authentic context. That is, video can be used to present to students a real-world context within which mathematical problem-solving can then be found. Video based instruction can similarly be applied to contextualize instruction in other content areas. These approaches are valuable in helping to engage and motivate students, in providing students with alternatives to content, and in supporting differences in related knowledge. As I said before, videos are great tools to zest and spice up instruction in any subject area.

Check out the following web sites on interesting topics and ideas for education.


This web site got my attention because, I believe there are so many issues about self-esteem, obesity, and self-images, which needs to be addressed and are driving, are teens to lose control as they strive to be something they are not. People really need to love themselves for who they are and what they are, because God created us all as one, EQUAL, to be treated with humanity and respect that we are expecting in return.


Another one of my favorites this week is Bloom’s Taxonomy. In Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, verbs are used rather than nouns to express the concept. The revised taxonomy begins with the word remembering before moving to understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating. I think that Bloom’s Taxonomy is great guide for teachers to follow in their classroom; however I realize that “Flipped Bloom’s Taxonomy” would be more effective in the classroom. I say this because, the first level of taxonomy is remembering followed by understanding, and I think that these two would work much better if they are flipped, I can’t remember something unless I completely understand it. Therefore, I found a chart of flipped Bloom’s Taxonomy, and how effectively can be applied in the classroom. I believe that flipped taxonomy would be more effective because teacher would have more time to spend applying and understanding the content rather than reviewing and delivering it. Take a look at the chart and check out the web site above, and you can see what I mean.


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