Week Four

 It is obvious that in today’s classrooms’ a clear disconnect between the students that are accustomed to using technology in the classroom and the students who are not exposed to it. They predominantly use technology only within the classroom. Students could be spending abundant amounts of their free time socializing, shopping, and even studying on the Internet, if they had the accesses to the technology. Students would learn to manipulate with these tools more effectively and be engaged in their own leaning process. That’s why I think this week explorations and learning really exposed us to the world of sound, images and videos more willingly, that would make our classroom come to life, and create more exciting environment. I will definitely use every chance to implement technology and use within my instruction, so that my students don’t get behind in technology world.  

This week I have learned some amazing things about different technology tools including the TED videos, PowerPoint, and Technology Exoploroatins. TED videos are great tool to be used in the classroom. I never had a chance to look it these before I think that these are awesome.  

The presentation that I have created and presented to my third grade group was on the story “Tops and Bottoms”. My students get very excited about a new story for the week, and they get interactive and engaged in the presentation when we go through the vocabulary words. This is because they get to say each word as it appears on the screen and choose the right one to complete the fill in the blank sentence following the word. I am proud of the whole presentation because they respond positively and stay on the task throughout the presentation.

This week explorations were fun and exciting. My favorite is Xtranormal because it turns any writing into a movie or a video. I believe that my students would enjoy using this tool; they would act as movie producers, and then later share it with friends and family. I love to use technology in my instruction, but I am limited due to the space, tools needed, supplies and time. In my facility, I have formed a small classroom in the back of the library, but I do not have a computer at my desk. However I do have access to laptops for students and computer lab when not in use. Regardless of all the obstacles I try my best to use what I have and with the tools that I have. There is nothing that will stop me from finding new methods and strategies to effectively manage the instruction in my classroom that will enhance the students learning, because I am teacher at heart.



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