Week Six

New technologies and technology applications are introduced into classrooms on daily basis with the 21st technology world. Web Quests, however, are a technology application that have been used in classrooms around the world for years. This week learning about the webquest more deeply made me realize the importance using a webquests in the classroom, but on the contrary I am scared how effectively to use them to enhance students learning. As educators we have to make sure that we are applying the content that needs to be thought effectively and that webquest indeed enhance our student’s learning.
WebQuests are an Internet-based technology application in which groups of students follow a specific set of steps toward the completion of a final project on a specific subject according to Dodge, 1997.

This week has been very interesting one. I have learned about how to create a webquests. I do feel little bit better about using and utilizing the content more clearly for my students when creating webquest. I really did enjoy this week assignments.  Webquest is a great tool for collaboration, self-thinkers, motivation, to build problem solving and decision making skills.

I decided to create my webquest about traveling and learning about other countries. Countries that I have chosen are where my students come from. Little do these students know about their own country, most of then were born here, so I decided to create a webquest were I assigned partners and they travel to each other country. I provided list of questions that I wanted them to concentrate on and keep their notes neatly organized.  They are to create a poster for their final step, and present it on the International Night at our school for parents and staff. I thought that this would be great way for the students to learn about each other and learn what they had to leave and start all over in some strange country. Creating webquest is not hard once you learn how to do it, and that took me a while. I found my self more than once where I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, it really took some time to finally get it, and still I don’t think that I done great job. Here is the link for my web-quest:

http://questgarden.com/151/93/2/121124220304/, enjoy.

All of the technology tools so far are very time consuming, I have been trying to tell my self otherwise, but even with this week being very short, I found that it was difficult to complete all assignments on time. In general, I truly believe that schools are lacking proper training and tools on how to effectively use and integrate technology into the curriculum. As the schools move forward , every professional in the district must engage with other administrators and teachers in ongoing exploration of this 21st technology world for the better of our students and their learning.


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